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Summer 1991

Vol 1 no 1 contents


The Vigil Machine and Other Atrocities
Composting the Kingdom
Fleeing the Knowledge Factory
The “Divine Right” of Capital
A Wind of Lies
Notes from the City: Manhattan With Its Mask Off
Book Reviews: Prospects for Conservatives by Russell Kirk reviewed by Maclin Horton, What are People For? by Wendell Berry reviewed by Dan Nichols, Community for Life by Ulrich Eggers reviewed by Dan Nichols
A Just War or Just a War (Gulf War reflections)

Daniel Nichols

Fall 1991
Volume 1 no 2 contents

From the Editor:
            Converting the Reactive Mind
            A Note on Gender and Language
            Caelum Et Terra Update
When Small is Sensible: Culture, Technology, and Subsidiarity
Thomas Storck

Every Bush is Burning: Creation, Awe, and the Search for God
Prophets in our Time? (Part 1)
Test Driving St. Thomas
Hijacking the Encyclical
A Movement in Crisis? 
The Singing of Stones
Recovering the Sacred: Sunday Worship and Sunday Rest
Notes from the City: Shoeless and Hopeless

Br. Herald Brock, CFR
Book Reviews: Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman reviewed by Maclin Horton and Dan Nichols, Gunnar’s Daughter by Sigrid Undset 

Winter 1992
Volume 2 no 1 contents
From the Editor: Dancing Paradoxically: Infinite Hope, Limited Expectations
            More than a Magazine
            Caelum Et Terra Update
Between Heaven and Earth
The Romantic, the Rural, and the Real
The Wounded Tree

Daniel Nichols

In Defense of Life: Two Tales of Resistance

Thomas Furtado
Sue Frankel

Prophets in Our Time? (Part 2)
Beginning Riders

Rebecca Duncan

Poor Clare Home-schooling

Mother Mary Colette, P. C. C.

In Search of the Mystery
Family Culture: A Habit of Hospitality
Notes from the City: Esperando: Waiting and Hoping
Book Reviews: Jaws of Death, Gate of Heaven by Dietrich Von Hildebrand reviewed by Bob Wiesner, Letters from a Catholic Dissenter, by Joseph C. Roberts reviewed by Patrick O’Brien, Men and Marriage by George Gilder reviewed by HelenAnn Wagner, Ever Ancient, Ever New: Our Community’s Vision: St. Joseph Academy
Spring 1992
Volume 2 no 2 contents
From the Editor: About our Patrons (Sts. Benedict & Francis, Our Lady of Guadalupe)
            Right Pleasure
The Supreme Efficiency
Confessions of a Vagabond Father: How I Quit My Job and Became a Street Musician
The Harvest is Great
A Mother’s Song
Back to Nature, Back to Grace
Bridged by Glory: A Defense of the Sacred Universe
Common Ground: Catholic Social Teaching and Environmental Ethics
Trying to Talk to an Eco-Warrior: A Catholic Encounter with Radical Environmentalism
Family Culture: The Other Side of Homeschooling
Notes from the City: Tanya
Book Reviews: The New Organic Grower, by Eliot Coleman reviewed by Harvey Ussery, Signposts in a Strange Land by Walker Percy reviewed by Maclin Horton

Summer 1992
Volume 2 no 3 contents
From the Editor: Sanctity and Sedition: The Kingdom of God and the American Thing
            Beginning our Second Year
Soil and Sexuality
In the Footprints of St. Cuthbert: A Catholic Look at Animal Rights
Personal Action in Corporate America
Son of Gilligan Meets the One-Eyed Monster: Confessions of a Catholic Television Addict
Are the Amish Marginal?  A Common Objection to Technological Moderation Addressed
Uncle Bob
A Sacramental Universe: Rediscovering an Ancient Wisdom
Apologia for Homeschooling
Family Culture: Children of Light: the Godparent-Godchild relationship
Nancy Kuemmerlein
Book Reviews: Why Catholics Can’t Sing by Thomas Day reviewed by Mary Villim, The Great Dissent: John Henry Newman and the Liberal Heresy by Robert Pattison reviewed by Acahd HaSh’erit, A Book of Angels by Sophie Burnham reviewed by Lisa Malia McDunough
Fall 1992

Volume 2 no 4 contents

From the Editor: A Sensualist Objects
Of Bees and Candles and Mystery: Whatever Became of Those Bees?
Wisdom at Play: Children, Wonder, and the Kingdom of God
Katie and the Quilt
The Dog Whose Bite Drew Love
Subsidiarity and Spading Forks: A Study in Simpler Technology
St. Nicholas and the Spirit of Christian Giving
Family Culture: Reading Lesson
Notes from the City: New York’s Holy Innocents
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: Amification Now
Book Reviews: Life after Television by George Gilder reviewed by Maclin Horton, The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael by Ellis Peters reviewed by Mary Villim, Pale Horse, Easy Rider by John Senior reviewed by Scott Bloch
Last Rites: Invisible Type



Winter 1993
Volume 3 no 1 contents
From the Editor: The First Step
What Then, Shall We Do?  Reflections of a Failed Catholic Politician
From Green to Gold: Christian Environmentalism
Group Home Colonization (reprint)
A Family Hearth for the City
A Way of Beauty and Mercy
Fathering and Falleness
Family Culture: Having Them All
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: Natural Climate Control and Its Enemies: An Amish Window Onto the Origins of the Modern Police State
Books: Unless You Become Like This Child by Hans Urs Von Balthasar reviewed by Br. Herald Brock, CFR, Diary of a Man in Despair by Frederick Reck-Malleczewan reviewed by Daniel Bonner, Why Do They Dress That Way? by Stephen Scott reviewed by Larry Lewis
Last Writes: Bloodsuckers

Spring 1993
Volume 3 no 2 contents
From the Editor: The Marginal Mystic: A Counter-cultural Model of Change
Wildness and Awakening
Randomness and Order: A Reason to Learn the Constellations
Don’t Make the Earth Angry (reprint)
Fifteen Things a Distributist May Do (An Open Letter to S.B., an young gentleman with desires) (reprint)
Distributive Injustice: A Case Study
Gardening at Night
A Broken Unity
Sheltered in Christ: The Church as a Big Rowdy Family
Family Culture: A Dog No Better Than Themselves
Notes From The City: A Shift in Tactics
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: After the Fall: Tales of our First Harvest
Book Reviews: Man and Woman: Love and the Meaning of Intimacy by Dietrich von Hildebrand reviewed by Marc Sebanc, The Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary by Michael O’Brien reviewed by Dan Nichols, Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael reviewed by Dan Nichols
Last Writes: Love and Multi-culturalism



Summer 1993
Volume 3 no 3 contents
From the Editor: The Child, the Bumblebee, and the Recurring Dream
The Thousand Good Books: Of Mystery and Romance and the Deep Down Freshness of Things
The Feast of Today
Community Supported Sanity
The Triumph of Americanism
Grace and Shadow
The Spiritual Art of Hiking
Family Culture: Of Water, Of Wine
Notes from the City: A Tale of Two Inner Cities
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: Amish Infrastructure or Doing Community the Natural Way
Book Reviews: Caretakers of Creation: Farmers Reflect on their Faith and Work edited by Patrick Slattery reviewed by Marc Sebanc, Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman reviewed by Dan Nichols
Last Writes: Difficult Friends


Fall 1993
Volume 3 no 4 contents
From the Editor: Of Wide Eyes and Millstones
Totalitarianism and the Family
Panache and Prayer at Notre Dame
Naming, Knowing, Loving
Shakespeare and Children
Family Culture: Beautiful Gate, Silent Garden
Notes from the City: To Land On Our Feet
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: Amishland: Where Feminism was Never Necessary
Book Reviews: In the Absence of the Sacred: the Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations by Jerry Mander, From Cottage to Work Station: The Family’s Search for Social Harmony in the Industrial Age by Allan C. Carlson reviewed by Thomas Storck.
Last Writes: Global Metropolis


Winter 1994
Volume 4 no 1 contents
From the Editor
: A Splendid and Sacramental Vision
            Community, Immediate and Extended
            Realistic Hopes
On Summer Squash and Timeless Truth
Nothing at the Center
Year-End Reminiscences: World Youth Day, USA
A Just Wage
A Charism of Snow
Church Bells and Broomsticks: Tales from the Single Side
Apostolic Farming (reprint)
From Soup Kitchens to Soup: a 12-step program to get beyond paternalistic charity
Family Culture: Falling Asleep in the Dark
Notes from the City: The Triumph of the Cross
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: First-Steps in Village Making
Laura (poem)
Book Reviews: Simple Living: One Couple’s Search for a Better Life by Frank Levering and Wanda Urbanska reviewed by Mary Meehan, A Still Small Voice: A Practical Guide to Private Revelation by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR reviewed by Dan Nichols

Last Writes: The Bay of the Holy Spirit
Maclin Horton

Spring 1994
Volume 4 no 2 contents
From the Editor: Green Valleys and Bad Guys
           Rediscovering Good Work
            Another Seedling

Recapturing Worship
Prolife Satyagraha
Incarnational Monasticism
The Road to Carmel: The Sacramental Mission Culture of California
Technology and the Thinking Person or the Romantic, the Rural, and the Real Revisited
The Worshipping Cosmos: A Thomist Reflects on the Benedicite
A Gardener’s Meditation on Mark 4:26-29
Headhunters and Gnostics
The Joy of Married Love
Computer Power and Human Reason
Good Work: Art and Culture (reprint)
Notes from the City: A Haven and a Refuge
An Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: The Underside of a Junior Farmer’s Life
Book Reviews: Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community by Wendell Berry reviewed by Dan Nichols
Last Writes: Radio Silence

Summer 1994
Volume 4 no 3 contents
Notes on Consumerism
The Landscape of Prayer: M. Hopkins as Contemplative Poet
Walking Between the Lights
The Red Rose: A Modern Parable

Ivan Inners

Caelum et Terra, Terra et Caelum: A Musico-theological Musing

Lord, Wash My Feet
Glory Deferred
F. (Fay) Davis
Good Work: Art & Evangelization (reprint)
Graham Carey
Apprentice Farmer’s Journal: Salvaging the Barbarians: The Paradox of Amish Seclusion
Eric Brende
Book Reviews: The Age of Missing Information by Bill McKibben, reviewed by Maclin Horton
Last Writes: The Mall and the Cemetery
Maclin Horton


Fall 1994
Volume 4 no 4 contents

A Civilization of Love: the Pope’s Call to the West
From the Editor
Thoughts While Standing in the Line at Safeway (poem)
Susan Ho
Why Things Went Wrong: The Decline of the Family (reprint)
Allan Carlson
Creation in Flower: An Interview with Fr. Allan Wolter, OFM on the thought of Blessed Duns Scotus

On Fertility and Carriage Horses
Don’t Confuse Me With the Woman in the Sari
Apocalypse Soon
Cyrano de Bergerac, Please Phone Home
The House on Randolph Avenue
Requiem for the Things in My Trunk
Simplicity and Hospitality
Two Christmas Meditations
Good Work: Art and Nature (reprint)

Graham Carey

Book Reviews: Holy Daring by Tessa Bielecki reviewed by Fred Bittle III, Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman reviewed by Harvey Ussery
Last Writes: Hurricane Season

Maclin Horton

Winter 1995
olume 5 no 1 contents
From the Editor: Not Between But Above: Technology, Justice, and Transcendence
            Church Bells, Broomsticks, and a Bride
Christian Green For the Life of the World
Marriage and the Kingdom: An Eastern Sacramental Perspective
On Myth, Gardens, and Babies
Eve or Mary?
On Temperance
On Things Catholic
Radicals for Solidarity?
The Angelus (poem)
Good Work: Why Bother About Beauty? (reprint)

Graham Carey
A Homesteader’s Journal: The Amish Paradox: Religion vs. Dereliction

Eric Brende

Book Reviews: Fire on Earth by Paul Furfey reviewed by Lesley Payne

Spring 1995
Volume 5 no 2 contents
From the Editor: From the Shallows to the Depths: A Strategy of Contemplative Resistance
Towards a Western Iconography
Into the Rose: The Pilgrimage of John Muir
One Woman’s Illative Sense
Hillaire Belloc’s View of History: 1. Europe and the Faith  2. Rome and the Germanic Peoples
Good Work: Drudgery, Play, and Work (reprint)
A Homesteader’s Journal: An Unexpected Turn on the Amish Road
Books Briefly Noted: A Holy Tradition of Working by Eric Gill, Wholly Animals: A Book of Beastly Tales by David N. Bell, After the Fire: the Destruction of the Lancaster County Amish by Randy Michael Testa
Last Writes: On Progress, Change, The Maori, and NPR

Maclin Horton


Summer 1995
Volume 5 no 3 contents

From the Editor
Church Architecture & the American Character
Benjamin D. Wiker
Bread: Mystery & Gift
Judy Bratten
Superfluous Wealth
Fr. Henry Brock, C.F.R.
Transfigured in Parsley
John Thienes
The Transfiguration of Our Lord
Fred Bittle III
Aging Hippies or Old Western Men?
Thomas Storck
Happy Homesteaders
Marty Kennedy
The Flight From Time
George A. Kendall
The Blue Cradle
F. David
A Modest Proposal
Ann Lardas
Family Culture: The Seven Dress Wardrobe
Regina Doman
A Homesteader’s Journal: Falling Below the Social Hemline
Eric Brende
Good Work: Variety in Artistic Experience (reprint)
Graham Carey
Book Reviews:  Jean Leclerq: The Love of Learning & the Desire for God by Jean Leclerq reviewed by Andrew Schmiedicke, Discipleship by J. Heinrich Arnold, reviewed by Henri Nouwen

Fall 1995
Volume 5 no 4 contents

From the Editor:  A Hedge of Thorn
            Some Changes

A Declaration of the Independents (reprint)
When Goodness is Boring
The Icon of the Nativity
The Spirit of Nazareth
A Farming Community
A Call to Unique Beauty
Who Was that Rude Driver? Anonymity and Alienation
Family Culture: One Man’s Journey into Sacramental Marriage
Notes from the City: Spiritual Warfare on Fifth Avenue
Good Work: Making and Teaching (reprint)
A Homesteader’s Journal: Of Kerosene and Fireflies


Winter/Spring 1996
Volume 6 no 1 contents
From the Editor: The Two Clouds

Peter Maurin (poem)
Liberalism, the Privatization of Religion and American Politics
The Oaks in Winter (reprint)
Las Casas: Past and Present
A Culture Worth Cultivating
Postlude to a Childhood (poem)
Icon of the Resurrection: Winter into Spring
The Act of Easter
Reflections on the Platte River
Family Culture: Marital Roulette
Notes from the City: Shelter for the Cyrenians
Good Work: On the Nature of the Icon (reprint)
A Homesteader’s Journal: Woman, Hearth, and Bed

Eric Brende
Book Reviews: The Sign of the Cross: Travels in Catholic Europe by Colm Toibin reviewed by Inez Fitzgerald Storck, Economics As If God Mattered: A Century of Papal Teaching Addressed to the Economic Order by Rupert J. Ederer reviewed by Thomas Storck

Summer 1996
Volume 6 no 2 contents
From the Editor: Hope in a Dark Time
Eating August: A Protestant Laywoman’s Thoughts on Mary and the Feasts of Summer
Reading Tolkien
“Are They Few Who Are To Be Saved?”
Born and Made for Friendship
Woman, Justice, Demographics, and the Rock
Celtic Spirituality (reprint)
A Saint for Now
Unplanned Parenthood
The Thames and Saint Thomas More
Family Culture: Family Healing Through the Prayer of Faith
Homesteader’s Journal: From Car to Bicycle to Horse

Eric Brende
Book Reviews: Mother and Infant by Fr. William D. Virtue reviewed by Juli Loesch Wiley, Becoming a Modern Contemplative by Richard B. Patterson reviewed by Susan Anderson Kerr, What Happened to Church Architecture? by Steven Schloeder reviewed by Anthony Cooney, Truth on Trial: Liberal Education be Hanged by Robert K. Carlson reviewed by Scott Bloch


Fall 1996
Volume 6 no 3 contents

From the Editor: Culture, Counterculture, Subculture: True and false paths for holy resistance
            Further Thoughts: Solidarity and Welfare, About Unions, the Neoconservative and the Pope
The Church and the Soul of Society: Special Caelum Et Terra Conference Section
1. The Beauty of the Lord: Art and Beauty in the Spiritual Life
Eric D. Perl
2. The Social Order as Community
Thomas Storck
3. Mothering and Justice
Juli Loesch Wiley
4. Catholic Counter-Culturalism in America: A Historical Overview
Fr. Rory Conley
The Catholic Landscape of Quebec
Joseph D. Conwill
Notes from the City: A Visit from the Bruderhof: True Ecumenism
Br. Richard Roemer, CFR
Homesteader’s Journal: An Amish Sermon
Eric Brende
Book Reviews: The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine (2 vols) reviewed by Susan Anderson Kerr, A Plea for Purity by Johann Christoph Arnold reviewed by Juli Loesch Wiley


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